This decree entered on. JUDGE Clayton County Superior Court Final Decree of Divorce With Agreement - Rev. March 2007 Provided by the Atlanta Legal Aid Society Page 1 of 1. FINAL JUDGMENT AND DECREE OF DIVORCE INCORPORATING SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT Upon consideration of this case upon evidence submitted as provided by law it is the judgment of the Court that a total divorce be granted between the parties to this case. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF CLAYTON COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA Plaintiff Civil Action...
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When you get divorced you have a number of pieces of paper that need to be sent into the court a divorce decree is all of that final paperwork put together that's made an order of the court so that final paperwork would include your parenting plan it would include your separation agreement it would include any other orders of the court and that package all put together is your divorce decree now what you can do once you have your divorce decree is you can enforce it so it becomes as I said an order of the court meaning that if somebody doesn't do what they're supposed to do based on that paperwork you can go to the court with a contempt motion or in order to enforce and it actually is a court order so when you're at the end of the when you're at the end of the divorce you have a divorce decree you have your legal rights essentially handled you